静岡個室居酒屋 柚柚 ~yuyu~ 静岡駅前

しずおかこしついざかや ゆゆ しずおかえきまえ

  • Address
    静岡県静岡市葵区紺屋町6-9 紺屋中ビル 4F
  • Access
    [Shizuoka station] [3 minutes walk] Parco back ★ Shizuoka Grand Hotel in front of Nakajimaya's eyes ★ Secretariat is safe in the vicinity of the station ★ It is new !!!
  • Phone number
  • Business hours
    Mon-Sun, Public Holidays, Pre-Opening Day: 17: 00-23: 30 (Cooking LO 22:30 Drinks LO 23:00)
    ※ We also accept banquet reservations outside business hours.Please feel free to contact us for banquets outside of the day such as lunch party, mommy party and thank-you party.※ All-you-can-drink course preparation available! A large number of advantageous coupons ♪ Please use by all means such as a company, school return, reunion, etc. ★
    【A great course is here!】
  • Regular holiday
    Open 7 days a week * Temporarily closed from April 20th to May 31st.