3 hours of all-you-can-drink and eat in May! "Yui course" <9 dishes> 3 types of beef, chicken steak, etc.

3 hours of all-you-can-drink and eat in May! "Yui course" <9 dishes> 3 types of beef, chicken steak, etc.

By using a coupon3333 yen(Tax excluded)

By coupon use 4480 ⇒ 3333 yen (excluding tax)

The number of dishes
Maximum number of people
All-you-can-drink available
★ You can enjoy a wide variety of sake! + Draft beer for +300 yen + All-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink including draft beer, local sake, branded shochu for 500 yen

Contents of fulfillment that you can enjoy seasonal gems.All-you-can-eat and drink all-you-can-eat course for banquets! On the day OK ♪ The number of people is OK ♪ How many people are always guided to a completely private room! All-you-can-drink has 130 choices and you can choose from more than 130 types , How about a dazzling drinking party around our proud dishes ♪

Course menu

1 [All you can eat] Freshly boiled edamame

2 [All-you-can-eat] addictive cabbage

3 [All-you-can-eat] cheese potato fry

Assorted platter of 4 salmon and salmon

5 Secret Secrets of the Tale Mountain Assorted Wings

6 Butcher's Croquette

7 Main dishes to choose from!

A: Original tartar sauce and exquisite combination! Chicken Nanban!

B: Two actors with excellent compatibility with chicken have an exceptional taste! Chicken Steak ~ Sharia Pin Sauce & Mustard

C: Speaking of meat, beef! Meat dripped cut steak with original sauce

8 Boilba style fried rice of Toro-ri hot spring egg

9 Today's dessert

* ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ * ∴ *

■ 3 hour system (30 minutes before LO)

■ Draft beer added for +300 yen + Premium drink all-you-can-drink including draft beer, local sake, branded shochu can be changed for +500 yen

■ It is possible to extend for 30 minutes at + 500 yen ♪

■ Other tickets can not be used together

■ The contents may be changed by purchase.

■ Please feel free to contact us for details.

■ (fine) If there is adjustment etc. ♪ to the store manager ♪

■ Please choose from A to C dishes.

■ If there is no choice of food, it will be served with A food.

All-you-can-drink menu

· Via cocktail
・ Giraffe soda, shundigafu, lemon beer, cassis beer, cola beer, strawberry beer, melon beer, peach pea, blue beer
・ Highball (White Horse)
・ White horse highball, ginger highball, cola highball, strawberry highball, cassis highball, peach highball, blue curacao highball
・ Raw squeezed lemon sour ・ honey ・ lemon sour ・ lemon sour ・ grape sour ・ oolong high ・ green tea high ・ green tea ・ cassis sour ・ blue sour ・ sour ・ curry sour ・ strawberry ・ sour ・ pickled sour (lemon ・ anzu ・ apple ・ blueberry ・ lychee ・ hawthorn)
Shochu / Whiskey (White Horse)
・ Shochu (soybean, wheat), whiskey (straight, rock, water split, hot water split, soda split)
· Japanese sake · local sake
・ Storage stock dry salmon ・ Cold (large, small)
· Plum wine (straight, rock, water, soda, hot water)
· Plum plum wine, a plum plum wine, a plum plum wine
· Wine / wine cocktail
· Red · white (glass), keel, operator, kitty, carimocio
・ Cocktail (lam liqueur)
・ Mojito (soda, ginger, squash, decavita, cola), cassis (orange, soda, apple, lemon, grapefruit, oolong, decavita), fuzzy navel, peach (ginger, apple, lemon oolong decavita)
・ Cocktail (vodka gin)
-Screwdriver, mos smuggling, bulldog, sminofremonade, pink lemonade, blue lemonade, gin (soda ginger lemon cola orange)
·Non-alcoholic cocktails
・ Cleaaminto, strawberry soda, sunrise, yellow peach, marine blue, melon ball
·Soft drink
・ Oolong tea (hot / ice), green tea, orange juice, grapefruit juice, apple juice, ginger ale, lemon squash, Pepsi cola, Decavita C
Reservation deadline
Until 21 o'clock on the desired shopping day
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

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